EspSMS-Poseidon enables you to send SMS messages direct from your computer to anyone on the global cellular network. It's the easiest way to send your personal text messages to your client, family, friend or colleagues.

With EspSMS Poseidon you can:

  • As a business to communicate to your customers.
  • Facilitate group messages such as event notifications, promotions or bulk SMS alerts.
  • The easiest way to send a quick message or group text messages to all your friends.

EspSMS Poseidon uses the worlds leading desktop SMS software tools and can assist you to send one or many SMS messages or messaging campaigns, personalized messaging. We offer integration to Outlook address books, and many advanced sending features.

EspSMS Poseidon is a robust Desktop text-messaging tool, which can reach your contacts globally.

The software is free, and sending a message to any mobile device is as easy as sending an e-mail! A powerful merge facility is incorporated in the software that allows automatic individualization of messages to your database of contacts in one easy step.

EspSMS Poseidon build-in Address Book is robust, so you can keep the numbers of all your friends and colleagues easily accessible and send to your whole database at the click of a button!

Existing contacts from an Outlook address book can be migrated with a powerful upload utility or you can allow EspSMS Poseidon to retrieve these contacts via our Outlook integrator link.

Key features of EspSMS Poseidon:

  • Merge facility - Automatic insertion of names
  • Two-Way interactive facility - Send and reply
  • Multiple Groups and address book functionality
  • Import of large databases
  • Integration to Outlook Address (desktop and Web)
  • Global access with immediate text messaging
  • Reporting facility and complete history log
  • No hidden, monthly, or set-up costs.
  • Competitive pricing & volume discounts
  • Message history with status reports
  • Scheduling of messages
  • Controllable sender id on most routes
  • Email to SMS and SMS to email
  • Credit transfer to sub-users
  • STOP or unsubscribe ready
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