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Methodology & Migration

We believe the delivery of a successful migration projects can only be achieved by providing a complete migration solution. At Cronus we are in a unique position to provide such a solution given the fact that we have developed a unique set of products "Esp Product Suite" specifically tailored to run Natural / Adabas systems on the Open System platform and have the necessary skills and experience to manage, assist and implement all phases of a project.


Cronus Consulting Methogology

Migration Process

Impact and Environmental Analysis Process:
During this process the actual code is examined to establish the complexity of the application. The use of external O/S (Operating System) calls embedded into the application are examined. All JCL is converted to EspBatch equivalent or Shell scripts where necessary.

Strategy and Planning Process:
During this process the detailed project plan is finalized. Finding replacements for the O/S calls (not yet covered with the ESP Products) are investigated. The Test Plan will also be completed during this phase.

Migration and Conversion:

  1. Customization Phase
    The master source code is migrated and resides in the development environment. All necessary customization, development and/or enhancements will take place. The development environment/server will be used for code enhancements, JCL to EspBatch (SCL) and Script conversions, EspMenu/Batch incorporation and new code development where necessary.

  2. ESP Product Incorporation Phase
    EspMenu/Batch are incorporated into all the online programs and menus and functions created from existing profiles. The programs that call JCL/RJE (Online to Batch) modules will be converted to utilize the EspBatch submission method.
Quality Assurance:
The production environment will be configured and a standard Database created containing a mirror image of the development data. This environment will be used for quality assurance on which the migration process will be proved. Only once the system has completed the quality assurance phase will we move into the deployment phase.

  1. Functional Testing
    Data from the production environment must be downloaded to simulate a real production environment. Testing at functional level can now begin and Quality Assured. All functions including the uploading - interfaces - to and from other peripheral systems must be tested. The support team must test all aspects of each function and only after the successful signoff will such a function be regarded as tested.

  2. System Testing
    System testing (Parallel Run) can begin as soon as the functional testing has been completed. For this process the production data will be downloaded and an identical process run from the current Mainframe platform executed on the new platform. This parallel process should be done at daily, weekly and monthly level.

    These tests should be based on common weekly and/or monthly functions that can be simulated to provide reasonable assurance that the systems are functionally identical.

  3. Environmental Testing
    The machine and related software will be tested throughout the port to ensure a workable solution. All software versions recommended are already running in production environments elsewhere. Stress tests of the server and network connectivity can also be done during this phase.
Implementation / Deployment:
The production data from the mainframe will be migrated to the production environment. After the successful data verification process has been signed off the Mainframe application server can be decommissioned and all network traffic routed to the new machine.


 Executive Summary
 Methodology & Migration
The "ESP Products" are brand names of Cronus Consulting and copyright protected by the South African laws and subject to the terms and conditions of the Cronus Consulting Terms and Condition Agreements.
All information contained in this document, all of its schedules, and attachments shall be deemed confidential and proprietary to Cronus Consulting.
We have successfully integrated the ESP Product Suite with CA XCOM® (data transfer utility), IBM MQ Series®, RFTS®, IRI's CoSORT® (sort utility), Xi-Text® (print spooler) Xi-Batch® (Unix scheduler), PowerDesk® (SPI), CA Unicenter®.

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Cronus Consulting is a company that specializes in the migration of applications to Open System platforms. We have developed unique products (ESP Products) and special techniques, which offer world leading migration solutions to the Open Systems segment of the Information Technology industry.
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