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Cronus Consulting is a company that specialises in the migration of applications to Open System platforms. We have developed unique products (our ESP Product Suite) and special techniques, which offer world leading migration solutions to the Open Systems segment of the Information Technology industry.

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Conventional wisdom tells us that downsizing cannot be done without re-engineering existing applications to suit the client/server-computing model of the future. But in today's complex world, IT managers and MD's want a quick way of turning legacy mainframe applications into open systems, without the cost of re-engineering the business - or the software.

There is a solution. It is called rehosting.

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Services provided by Cronus Consulting are aimed at providing the client with added value and cost saving. Our rehosting services focus on cost saving whereby existing applications are migrated to the Open system platform, which reduce running costs significantly while enabling the applications for use of cutting edge technology. Both the database administration and project management services focus on the client's operational environment and address specific areas that can be customized, enhanced or re-engineered to provide higher service levels and utilization of system resources.

 Rehosting Rehosting your application enables you to port the entire legacy systems‘ environment and make it work on your new open platform.
 DBA This service will provide specialized database administration functions and exclude day-to-day file maintenance.
 Project Management Cronus Consulting can offer professional project management with a solid framework based on Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK).

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Cronus Consulting has a proven track record and has developed tried and tested software products to replace the mainframe tools and to make your application work on the new platform with least amount of risk. We have serviced both local (South Africa) and international clients in various countries across the globe.

z/OS migration Linux
Roodepoort, SA
OpenVMS migration AIX
Roodepoort, SA
z/OS migration Linux
Jackson MS, USA
z/OS migration Linux
Brussels, Belgium
z/OS migration Linux
Brussels, Belgium
z/OS migration Linux
Lichtenburg, SA

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Main Advantages

The main advantages of moving to an open systems environment would be price performance, salability, hardware and software cost savings, the ease of implementing client server technology and complete interconnection of multiple platforms via Internet.

  • Modern Graphical User Interfaces and WEB Browser Emulators
  • Proven to produce enhanced throughput - true multitasking o/s
  • Better cost/performance ratio
  • Immediate Open System benefits
  • Guaranteed to host mission-critical systems
  • Executive Information Systems (EIS)
  • Data Warehousing is well supported on a range of SMP O/S servers
  • Years of migration and proven expert systems technology experience

Pit Falls

Even though the porting exercise from the mainframe environment to an Open System platform is relatively easy, there are dangers to be aware of.

  • The biggest danger is to assume that the new environment comes standard with the necessary print spoolers, batch scheduling managers and other utilities that mainframe users have become accustomed to. This is most definitely not true. It is an essential part of the initial evaluation process to evaluate third-party utilities. Excellent third-party utilities are available at very reasonable prices that are user-friendlier and less resource intensive than the standard utilities.
  • Character set orientation difference. (EBCDIC vs. ASCII)
  • Ensure that all software you intend running on the open platform is "Supported" by the vendor.
  • Use experienced professionals to launch your company into the Open Systems world as it is extremely flexible but with no resemblance to the mainframe. Total Solution goes further than just migrating data and source code.


 About Us
Cronus Consulting is a company that specializes in the migration of applications to Open System platforms. We have developed unique products (ESP Products) and special techniques, which offer world leading migration solutions to the Open Systems segment of the Information Technology industry.
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