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This system is essential for those clients where change control between Production, Test (QA) and Development environments is of great importance.


Chage Control System

This system caters for development, maintenance and enhancements by means of an easily managed ISR change control system. All code modifications must be done via the ISR system.

  • Cross Machine Migrations
  • Single request tracking
  • Inclusion of exclusion of object dependants
  • Automated Compilation on target environment(s)
  • Locking of Modules
  • Full reporting
  • Multiple Modules can be migrated with on transfer
  • Security levels
  • Integration to SCL (EspBatch)
Once an ISR has been approved by the manager and allocated to the responsible person, the process can start by selecting the objects affected for change from the master source environment.

The system is governed by defining different rules / parameters depending on requirements. These rules include:
  • Transferring program source code between selected environments - local and remote environments can be selected.
  • Selecting all dependants for the related object - i.e. MAPS, LDA, SubPrograms etc.
  • Taking a backup of the target source before the transferring the object
  • Two transfer options exist:
    • Automatically compiling the source object in the target environment. Should this compilation be unsuccessful, a natural error will be displayed and the original object restored
    • Only releasing the object to the target environment(s)

Typical EspControl Process


The "ESP Products" are brand names of Cronus Consulting and copyright protected by the South African laws and subject to the terms and conditions of the Cronus Consulting Terms and Condition Agreements.
All information contained in this document, all of its schedules, and attachments shall be deemed confidential and proprietary to Cronus Consulting.
We have successfully integrated the ESP Product Suite with CA XCOM® (data transfer utility), IBM MQ Series®, RFTS®, IRI's CoSORT® (sort utility), Xi-Text® (print spooler) Xi-Batch® (Unix scheduler), PowerDesk® (SPI), CA Unicenter®.

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Cronus Consulting is a company that specializes in the migration of applications to Open System platforms. We have developed unique products (ESP Products) and special techniques, which offer world leading migration solutions to the Open Systems segment of the Information Technology industry.
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